In collaboration w @forzafulvio @evelisanatasha ‘s painting captures the energy of trusting your #intuition, you are #protected, #illuminated, divine. These are the makings of authentic #leadership.

The Visionary I

Feminine and masculine energy come together to form the authentic visionary leader, connected to the eternal flow uniting us to nature. Featured male lions revolve around and protect the feminine being at the core. Though covering her eyes, she is flooded with truth: the inner sun which links us to the chain of transcendental worlds. This is 1 in the Visionary series envisioned by Evelisa in collaboration with Fulvio Claudio through the Realdream collective. This piece combines the classical tradition of oil alla prima, transmuted into 3D realities, using hybrid digital animation techniques. Once the auction is won, buyer receives the full 4K 60P HDR animation, ready to inspire elegance, strength, and nobility into any space on their digital display screen. First buyer also earns exclusive rights to purchase the original 40x50inch framed oil painting on canvas. The work will be minted as an additional NFT attached to the original physical asset. “Feel yourself absorbed in the pulse of light, truth, and her guidance, protected by the lion’s eye. Though covering her eyes, she could feel the light of truth. The visionary’s path is flooded with illumination, in-sight from the lions’ eyes, and she is overcome with personal transformation.“

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Transform LA 2021 – Reconciliation In and Through the Arts – Nov 18, 2021


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