BROKEN WING cover by Yvonne McNamara

Young Country Star Takes on Broken Wing

Yvonne McNamara is a Courageous Gifted & Talented Rising Star!

Martina McBride Cover (Broken Wing)
This video was created by Creekside Sound and Studiio
Recorded and mixed by Justin Cowan
Mastered by Paul Milner from Trillium House Studios
Yvonne McNamara – Vocal
Scott Gogan – Electric & Acoustic Guitar
Pat Madsen – Keyboard
Cocoa McGraw – Steel guitar
Kevin Shepard – Drums
Justin Cowan – Bass Guitar

MOB Radio’s May 2020

“Artist of the Month”

At the age of 9, Yvonne auditioned and was selected to perform on the Empty Stocking Fund that was broadcasted all over the local TV networks in New Brunswick, Canada to help raise money for families in need at Christmas.

Later, Yvonne was introduced to Steve Lyons who booked her on his Country Music Show after she sang “Blue” by Leanne Rimes. Yvonne then became a regular on Steve‚Äôs shows.

Yvonne soon inspired “Theresa Malenfant,” a celebrated artist from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada after hearing her perform “The Tennessee Waltz.” Theresa admittedly shed a tear after the performance.

In January of 2019, Yvonne’s video “Thank You For The Music” was spotted by Tay Williams who introduced her to Chris Powel from “Stars Worldwide.” Yvonne currently works with both Tay and Chris.

Yvonne received the gold standard recognition for her performance of “Pie Jesu” and “Come to the Fair” during the Music Festival in Sussex, New Brunswick in May 2019. She went on to compete at the provincial level in Classical Music, and being the youngest of all the competitors she placed 3rd in the Province of New Brunswick.

In February 2020 Yvonne began working with Al Atkinson, Producer (Mob Radio) along with Seamus Traynor, Manager of The Mob Music Network. Yvonne also created jingles and radio announcements for the radio station. Yvonne’s music is currently on radioplay in the Country & the New Artist show.

Official Website: Yvonne McNamara

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