Dan Mazzone: The Great!

Ever since Canadian Billionaire Michael Wekerle purchased 8 pieces of his art at the Toronto international Art Fare in 2011, and more since, Canadian, Dan Mazzone continues to make waves in the art world. What is unique about the works by the young artist who’s been described as the ‘next Andy Warhol’ is his style of piecing together ‘little fragments of each subject’s visual history” and giving them new form. Below he makes a personal statement on our Toronto scene.

Spencer: Dan, tell us more about the Yonge & St. Clair street art and how it came to be.

Dan: When an invitation for artists to submit their art as part of a community revitalization effort, I jumped at it, and my art was chosen. The portraits to be featured were photographed, resized to be large-scale and then printed on vinyl before being hung on the hoarding over the construction of a new podium on Yonge & St. Clair. James Dean, Michael Jackson, and Charlie Chaplin span the entire hoarding that you can see from Yonge St and St. Clair W. I am really looking to do more street art and large-scale mural work. This would be my first project of that nature and I’m very pleased with the way it turned out.

Spencer: How did you come to choose those iconic figures?

Dan: I chose them because they are people who had a tough life like myself and made it through the trenches and followed their dreams.

Recently returned from a visit to the Vatican at the invitation of the Pope, Dan’s influence has reached global proportions.

(here place shot of him with Pope)

What’s so unique about Dan’s art is that in breaking from conventional ideas of what art is, he has made his mark on our Toronto scene and internationally. The fact that our Spencer Team also approaches our magazine from a different angle makes Dan a shoo-in for our launch.

For more insight into Dan, what inspires his creations and how they are molded, look to our hard launch set for summer.

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