The 2019 Chocolate Ball with Cocouture “50 Shades of Chocolate”

By Wanda Ryan

You have arrived at the most decadent night in Toronto! This is the 17th Edition of the Chocolate Ball Gala signature event where the aroma of freshly prepared chocolate creations permeates throughout the Eglinton Grand.

On October 17, 2019, chocolate lovers experienced one of the most elegant and lavishly decadent sweet and savory delights made or infused with chocolate, presented and catered by some of the world’s finest chefs, chocolatiers and pastry chefs.

This year’s long-awaited Gala featured a preview of the “2020 Heart + Chocolate Celebrity Fashion Show” with an impressive runway of International artists, taking the stage with powerful and electrifying performances.

Artists for this amazing gala included Patti Jannetta Baker, Liberty Silver, Grenville Pinto, The Ault Sisters, The Ruby Gold Dancers, Neena Rose and MClass Diaz. The intense, majestic flair and celebrity guests gracing the runway with style and sophistication for the love of fashion included Jagger Gordon, Samantha Tajic, Jaymz B, Rudy Blair, Randy Persaud, Tania Kohlar, Pooja Handa, Bill Coulter as well as Wendy Crystal, Tania Yanaky and Dr. Gillian Mandich.

The Cocouture “50 shades of Chocolate” was the theme of this year’s Chocolate Ball. The highlight of the evening included an “exclusive preview” of the 2020 Cocouture Fashion Show collection created by Juwels LeGardi of LeGardi haute Couture. Each design was enhanced with ruby and gold chocolate sponsored by Callebaut.

Chef Jagger S. Gordon with Samantha Tajic



The Chocolate Ball continues to support Prostate + Breast Cancer Initiative programs as well as the Heart, Mind + Soul Initiatives project and the Alzheimer’s Society of Toronto, Canadian Cancer Society, Feed It Forward, Gilda’s Club Ontario, Liberty Silver Foundation, Leukemia Society, Redemption Paws, Schizophrenia Society of Canada, The Arthritis Society, The Herbie Fund and World Vision Canada.

Many thanks to Ned Ma with his photography and videographer team on hand as well as Paul Wright with Spencer Magazine.

Photographs by Paul Wright

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