Club President Antonio Folino

Scuderia Ferrari Club Toronto is all about people, and the passion for Ferrari culture. Established in 2013, on the behest of Scuderia Ferrari Club of Maranello, the Club is recognized as the best Foreign Scuderia Ferrari Club in the world.

Their collective efforts are focused on supporting and promoting the Ferrari culture, the Ferrari trademark, together with F1, and by educating and engaging in sporting, cultural and social events, across Ontario, Canada and globally.

President Antonio Folino is passionate about his club. “We believe in diversity, gender and youth engagement, with a focus to grow and unite people sharing the passion for Ferrari,” he states emphatically. “Our vision is to expand our Ferrari family together, and welcome many new members, sharing the energy and passion for Ferrari, aiming to be the best Scuderia Ferrari Club.”

In fact, since 2013, the Toronto club has been awarded as the best Scuderia Ferrari Foreign Club, and second worldwide. With Folino’s leadership and the club’s committed Board of Directors, the organization is sure to continue to grow, with already over 900 members.


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