GOD’S COUNTRY cover by Jadyn Rylee


Outstanding cover by Jadyn Rylee!

“God’s Country” is a song recorded by American country music singer Blake Shelton. It was released on March 29, 2019 as the first single and partial title track from his compilation album Fully Loaded: God’s Country. The song was written by Devin Dawson, Jordan Schmidt, and Hardy. The song has been described as a southern rock anthem. Dawson stated that he and his fellows wrote the song on a Thursday, and that “Blake heard it, and by Monday he had recorded it.” Shelton first heard the song while working on his farm in Oklahoma, and was blown away by the song.[3] He related “I had to stop and just listen to this song, because the song was talking to me about a place that I was in at that moment, which was a place in the middle of nowhere that meant something to me that probably nobody else could ever understand, what that is and what it is inside of me and what my connection is to the land.” He recalled thinking “‘I’ve gotta record this song,’ and I think I even decided before I even recorded it, ‘This has got to be the song that I put out next.’ – Wikipedia

Blake Shelton Official Music video: https://youtu.be/ZEWGyyLiqY4

Jadyn saw a cover of Blake Shelton’s original video that was performed by Kristin Carter. Jadyn connected with the vocal range and tempo of this cover and decided to use this as a basis for her own version.

Please take a look at Kristin’s web site http://kristincartermusic.com/

Here is the link to Kristins version of God’s Country https://youtu.be/cPRfZpuMNB4

Special Thanks To Curt Ryle of Big Matador Recoding who created the guitars on Jadyn’s version. https://www.bigmatadorrecording.com/

Also a BIG thanks to James from Cleveland Sounds Lab for the audio and video production of Jadyn’s cover song. https://clevelandlab.com/

Jadyn Rylee performing to a sold-out audience at TKFW. Photo Credit: Jonathan Levy


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