In his new album that is a rendition of signature songs, accomplished violinist, Grenville, takes you on a ‘mystical journey’; an escape into places where pleasure and passion ignite your soul…

Grenville Pinto is undeniably one of the most unpredictable, charismatic, intense, and chic contemporary artists. His uniquely sophisticated and dynamic style has made him recognizable worldwide.

He has been described as ‘the Violinist who puts the cool into Classical.’ With his brand of fusion, the ‘Risk-taker Pinto has the world on a string.’ Published in the Whatever Issue by Max Maccari.

I admire Grenville’s dedication to his two most valued roles in life; as a seriously creative and gifted performer in front of the spotlight, and as a loving member of his family, where he is son, brother and uncle to nieces and nephews who add a special meaning to his life.

Grenville and I met in the summer of 2006 through a mutual friend who was enamoured by his unique style and the magnetic connection with his audience: “His performance is unlike anything I have ever seen,’’ she said. ‘’You have to meet him!’’

After spending a day in the life of Grenville Pinto shortly after our introduction, I realized this was just the beginning in the making of an iconic artist; a renowned performer who would break barriers, astonish audiences around the world and leave a legacy for others to follow.

The day began at 11 am at a corporate function in an exclusive country club where Grenville serenaded the audience with contemporary and classical signature songs that took in Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, Jazz, rhythm & blues and concluded with Elvis Presley. His next show was a 2pm Baptismal luncheon where he performed classical songs including Ave Maria for a small private party of family and friends. Other beautiful symphonic choices were from signature composers as well as contemporary artists. The performance was breathtaking.

To read more about Grenville Pinto in Spencer Magazine’s Winter issue, please click here!

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