ESCAPE New Album Release

‘’Edgy, Powerful & Climactic’’

By Wanda Ryan

In his new album that is a rendition of signature songs, accomplished violinist, Grenville, takes you on a ‘mystical journey’; an escape into places where pleasure and passion ignite your soul!

GRENVILLE PINTO is undeniably one of the most unpredictable, charismatic, intense, and chic contemporary artists. His uniquely sophisticated and dynamic style has made him recognizable worldwide.

He has been described as ‘the Violinist who puts the cool into Classical.’ With his brand of fusion, the ‘Risk-taker Pinto has the world on a string.’ Published in the Whatever Issue by Max Maccari.

Wanda: What was the fascination that inspired you to play the violin?

Grenville: It’s the sound it produces. You don’t just strike a key and it produces a sound, you produce the sound from different parts of your body and from your whole being. Your expressions come from the inside and it shows. When you’re performing, people can feel the passion! When I play the violin, I become the Violin.

I admire Grenville’s dedication to his two most valued roles in life; as a seriously creative and gifted performer in front of the spotlight, and as a loving member of his family, where he is son, brother and uncle to nieces and nephews who add a special meaning to his life.

Grenville and I met in the summer of 2006 through a mutual friend who was enamoured by his unique style and the magnetic connection with his audience:

“His performance is unlike anything I have ever seen,’’ she said. ‘’You have to meet him!’’

After spending a day in the life of Grenville Pinto shortly after our introduction, I realized this was just the beginning in the making of an iconic artist; a renowned performer who would break barriers, astonish audiences around the world and leave a legacy for others to follow.

The day began at 11 am at a corporate function in an exclusive country club where Grenville serenaded the audience with contemporary and classical signature songs that took in Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, Jazz, rhythm & blues and concluded with Elvis Presley. His next show was a 2pm Baptismal luncheon where he performed classical songs including Ave Maria. for a small private party of family and friends. Other beautiful symphonic choices were from signature composers as well as contemporary artists. The performance was breathtaking.

In the early evening Grenville was booked to play at a traditional high-end Greek wedding; his performance was nothing short of spectacular. Grenville transformed classical violin into a fusion of contemporary modern-day pop, dance and soft rock. Connecting with and engaging the audience came naturally to him. Grenville not only played the violin, he became the vessel and brought the power of life and love impeccably as he transitioned his sounds from classical tradition to a completely different fusion of Rock n Roll! He performed ACDC and Led Zeppelin! It was riveting and explosive! It was like nothing that I had ever imagined.

Grenville Pinto was born into a musical family. His mother and father both sang in the choir and he and his two sisters played piano. At the early age of 7 by sheer luck, he ended up crossing the street, literally! And there, he tried his hand at violin. He started taking lessons and ended up training privately in the Royal Conservatory of music. He went on to play in numerous recitals and performances, including the Hamilton Youth Philharmonic Orchestra.

Grenville’s fondest memories growing up in a musical family include the gathering around the piano after dinner with family and friends joining in the harmony and song.

Grenville: There was always music in our house. That was the highlight of the day.

His fondest moments also include his mom siting in the back of the church singing as he performed in the church choir, and at recitals and weddings.

In 2019 Grenville re-released a Christmas album called, Christmas Glow. It was a dedication to his mother who passed away in 2011.

Grenville: It was how I dealt with my grief and loss. She was my role model, and music was my avenue to get through the grief. In addition, I had never had a Christmas Album, so it was an opportunity to produce one and recognize my mother’s passing.

Wanda: Did this help?

Grenville: Absolutely! And it also helped my family; they were very proud and happy it was done.

A very memorable moment for Grenville was in 2016 at his Christmas Concert at a hall in Toronto when his father joined him onstage to sing Jamaica Farewell and a few other songs.

Grenville: It was one of the most memorable moments on stage with my dad.

Wanda: What are the most courageous things you’ve done in your life?

Grenville: Transitioning my music to full-time. It was challenging as it was only a hobby, but I loved doing it. At the time my passion was in Publishing & Marketing.

Grenville studied at McMasters University and received a business degree in marketing. He worked in the publishing industry for over a decade on the creative side with marketing products and branding.

Grenville: My music was part-time, and it was challenging to transition because you have gigs, but you never really know if you will have enough to support yourself and survive. It was a risk to produce albums on my own and travel the world to produce music videos. Being alone in the big cities, doing things myself and not knowing if I was making the right decisions was challenging. I learned that there are no handouts, and that doing this involves big money and you don’t know what the return will be. These are big challenges. I had to learn how to reach out to people and not be afraid to ask questions on how to accomplish different things in order to make my dream come true.  

Wanda: What are you most curious about in life now?

Grenville: Maximizing my music potential because it’s a big unknown; how far can I go and what can I do creative-wise with my albums, both musically and visually.

Wanda: What were your proudest moments in life?

Grenville: Making my parents proud and having their approval no matter what I did. I think everybody wants that. Putting on a concert is another highpoint. It is the representation of my entire being and to be able to do that, is a dream coming to life.

Grenville and I discussed his latest album, ESCAPE, which is launching in the Fall of 2019.

Grenville: This album is a departure from anything that I’ve done so far. It’s more rock with an edge.

ESCAPE is Grenville’s fifth album and is a combination of six original songs and four signature covers.

Grenville: The original songs on this album were concepts I brought to life. They came to me when I was a teenager. The opening song is a riff on a guitar that I came up with when I was in high school which I turned into a full song. The music ideas came about at different points of my life so the message in them changes. One song is called, In the Meadow. The melody takes you into a place where you can escape. If you close your eyes, it takes you into a meadow with green grass that hasn’t been mowed and you’re in this field just dancing around and being free. Then there is the song called, The Resurrection, which is a melody that came to me previously. It changes and builds into this climactic point, which is why I titled it, The Resurrection. Each song has been titled for a reason and there’s a journey in each. 

Tickets are available at for Grenville Pinto’s upcoming Concert & Album Release

Saturday November 23rd 2019 – 7:30pm Westdale Theatre – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Saturday December 7th 2019 – 7:30pm at St. Michaels College School – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Wanda: Following your journey through your last five albums, I have to ask what you’ll be working on next.

Grenville: I’m always exploring new ideas, so I’ll be looking to bring those ideas to life again in another album. I’m looking to work on different genres, new fusions, perhaps in the hip hop field. Could be ethnic or eclectic. It may be a compilation of musical styles and genres all in one album.

Wanda: In closing what is it that you want to say to your fans?

Grenville: I’m honoured to know that there are people out there who appreciate what I do and love the music, as this is what I love to do! And now we find this common thread together; this personal connection that’s being received, and just knowing my music is being appreciated is beyond incredible! Thank you!

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