“Lay It On”

Release date: January 29th, 2021

Jonny’s original songs are derived from his rise/falls in life as well as the world around him. In these songs Jonny delivers a soulful grit but peacefulness to his dynamic craft where he leaves everything in the open and lays it all on the line. Jonny released his debut album “Father’s Boy” which was written around the lost of his Father to cancer in 2017.

Jonny has become a rising and upcoming name in the International music scene, he competed in the “Shot” season8 2020 and released his latest single “These Four Walls” in July of last year which did very well in the U.K. and Internationally. Jonny was also featured right here in Spencer Magazine and is working on releasing new material this year!

“Lay It On” captures the tug and war of a relationship. It’s about realizing your self worth, understanding your partners worth, holding strong, loving what you have (good & bad), fighting for it and killing the silence which can drown a relationship.

The unspoken is always left Unknown.


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