Founded by Canadian music industry pioneer, Joey Cee ( MAPLE Music Café is a unique new radio station for the 21st Century with an all-Canadian content, all-the-time focus aimed at reaching a worldwide audience. Its unique mandate is not only to present the music of Canadian artists, past, present and future, but to educate and entertain the listener. With the use of today’s technology and communication advances, it seemed the right time to re-group with Canadian music industry professionals and give worldwide audiences the “true stories” of our musical heritage from its earliest beginnings.

To accomplish this, the MMC broadcast team has designed programming that includes all kinds of Canadian music, from one-hit wonders and experimental recordings to be-bop and hip-hop and everything in between. As well as special features about people and events in Canada’s great musical heritage.

Above all, the MAPLE Music Café is here to pay homage to the thousands of talented Canadian musicians and industry professionals who have and continue to create wonderful music for our listening pleasure.

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