Quebec-based Groupe Nordik has been mastering the art of personal rejuvenation since opening its first Nordik Spa-Nature in Chelsea, Quebec in 2005. With a base of two solidly successful wellness spas over 14 years, the Winnipeg location opened in 2015, Groupe Nordik is well-equipped to embark on an ambitious growth plan. This plan foresees ten spas by 2027, with the third location in Whitby, Ontario. Projected to open in spring 2021, the newest Thermëa Spa Village location is being developed in Whitby’s spacious Cullen Central Park. The new facility features numerous spa rejuvenation spaces such as dry and steam saunas, outdoor baths (cold, hot, and thermal), and cascades. A full range of relaxation treatments like massage therapies, and body-care wellness treatments will also be available. Highlighting the experience is the salt-water pool, or Kalla, which will offer an incredibly relaxing experience of weightlessness to wellness devotees seeking to unburden themselves. Refreshing the mind and soul is one thing, and nourishing the body is another. With this in mind, Groupe Nordik’s new Whitby facility will feature three distinctive dining spaces that will allow for either social, or solitary experiences.

The Thermëa Spa Village Difference

Overview of Thermëa Spa Village | Whitby's nature-centric setting

Generally speaking, most North Americans think of a relaxing massage with a hydrating facial mask treatment when they hear the words ‘spa treatment.’ Keeping this in mind, Groupe Nordik set out to broaden the spa experience to include a ‘multi-sensory rejuvenation experience’ based on centuries-old Scandinavian hydrotherapy techniques: hot and cold waters, dry and steam saunas, etc. Many Canadians have, or know friends who have participated in a traditional New Year’s Day ‘polar bear dip.’ Seemingly crazy behavior to some, it is not without regenerative properties. Ever wonder why famous secret agent, James Bond, utilized a showering technique of hot water, turned quickly to cold? Science shows that these changes in temperature are an ideal way to stimulate the body’s natural immune system. It’s important to note that those with heart conditions and high-blood pressure should be mindful of such shocks to their circulatory systems. Healthier observers can view this hot and cold stimulation as a good way to increase metabolic rate, which in turn activates the body’s natural immune system. This immune system activation stimulates the production of white blood cells which may help to ward off infectious diseases like pesky office colds.

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