Rêve De Moi

An extraordinary collaboration by two visionaries:
Estelle Ohayon & Allan Kliger.

What do you get when you bring together some of Canada’s most accomplished artists? A remarkable alliance, creating some of the most exciting mixed media art that you will ever see.

When Spencer Magazine was invited to attend the very private Rêve De Moi Art Exhibit, I was thrilled to have a chance to see the latest works of a coterie of established artists, recognized both in Canada and abroad. They include Max Jamali, Peter Triantos, Anthony Ricciardi and Diogo Snow.
Joining me at this event was Spencer’s Photography Director, Jonathan Levy. With much anticipation, we arrived at CABINE, on Toronto’s tony Hazleton Avenue in Yorkville. Nicholas Mellamphy, the legendary fashion icon and the venue’s host, warmly welcomed us on the stairs leading up to the hot pink door of the classic brownstone.

Upon entering the gallery, we soon realized that this was no ordinary collection. There is a definitive wow factor, especially considering the scale of the art. At first I didn’t recognize the connection between the evocative original art on display and the adjoining photography.

With my curiosity peaked, I wanted to learn more about this exhibition. I approached the visionaries responsible for creating Rêve De Moi, Estelle Ohayon and Allan Kliger. They offered us a narrated tour and what we discovered about them and this ambitious project is truly impressive.

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