RYAN LUNN’S New Single “Embers”


New Single by Ryan Lunn!

Ryan Lunn is a Nashville Recording, multi-award -winning Singer Songwriter, Producer, Actor & Model.

Ryan has produced and recorded a 14- song concept album and 2 EP’s fully comprised of his own Songs. Both on stage and in film, Ryan has starred and supported in over 35 productions. He is a confident actor in both Comedic and Dramatic scripts. Ryan has achieved much success as a songwriter and promoter in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada, winning more Niagara Music Awards than any other artist over the past 2 years.

This song “Embers” is an ambient and lyrical snapshot of the honesty and weight partners carry while raising a family, managing a business and finding the balance to keep focus on the love shared and leaning into the falls of life’s many challenges together. The song is specific in its detailing our need for an escape to rekindle the fire.

In 2019 Ryan Lunn received the Songwriter of the Year Award at the Niagara Music Awards where he was flown to Nashville TN to record a new single with renowned Canadian producer Thomas Tawgs” Salter. With “Tawgs” expertise, wisdom and talent, he and Ryan created an extraordinary song called “Embers.”

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