Sarah Barber Design Studio is located in the popular Yorkville Village of Toronto, Ontario. Its owner of the same name had initially planned for a career in architecture, but on learning more about interior design, she saw just how much crossover there is with architecture, and shifted her plan. Envisioning design as her new direction, she threw herself into it, and has been consistent in applying that degree of passion to every project since.

Sarah finds great satisfaction in a style of working that includes the construction process. From that point for start she can head the design, the build, and interior detailing all in the same project. She has become convinced that uniqueness in design comes from the user’s own personality and lifestyle. She integrates different design elements to create a style of its own. Summed up in her words, “It’s all about balance.”

   Unique to her design is a personal style that involves a layering of traditional architecture. In example, Sarah layers crown moulding, trim work and coffered ceilings with modern elements and sleek furnishings. Or by reversing the process, she approaches a minimalist space and adds luxurious stylings. To create comfort, she takes great care to balance the masculine and feminine vibes. Adding a client’s personal items such as travel keepsakes and artwork is key to achieving optimum results. Keenly aware of the importance of a good lighting plan to make or break a space, it is never overlooked or undervalued throughout the planning.

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