Sia – Chandelier cover by Jadyn Rylee

Sia – Chandelier

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In 2009, Jadyn’s musical career began at the early age of 3, where she learned to sing her first song by Miley Cyrus called “The Climb” at the age of 6, That was when Jadyn’s family discovered her musical talent.

In 2012, Jadyn’s musical journey began where she studied and crafted her vocal ability for two years with the successful and renowned Romanian vocalist, professor and performer Aura Urziceanu at the Modern Conservatory of Music.

IIn 2014, Jadyn continued her coaching for the next 4 years with a new vocal coach Sarah Hyde, Sarah is a classically trained pianist, expanding Jadyn’s vocal capabilities, confident building exercises to help overcome performing live on stage, artist development, and professional skillsets.

In 2015, Jadyn’s motivation inspired her to create music videos for her family and friends where she collaborated with influentially artists. This was the beginning for Jadyn to share her passion and love of music through the global airwaves. Jadyn Rylee’s original and cover songs, continue to play worldwide.

Jadyn has a great passion for helping others , she expresses her concerns in humanity and social issues in her music  in regards child trafficking, ant-bullying and  mental health. Her ant-bullying Campaign is hashtag Jadyn’s army (spreading the love, kindness should be contagious) Jadyn’s message though her words and song has started to make a significant impact with hope and inspiration.

November 2016 Jadyn attended Nashville TN, to record 4 songs for the Television Show Nashville Spotlight.” Two of the songs were used for their Christmas special and another two were used for regular non-themed shows.

Nashville Spotlight – November 5th, 2016

“Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas “

This is a Christmas song that Jadyn performed for Nashville Spotlight TV in October 2016. It was her first time in a Television Studio. Thank-you to Mike Jennings (Nashville Spotlight) and Tommy Neal (Stars2Come) for making this happen. Nashville Spotlight


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