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As the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Spencer Magazine, I would like to congratulate our incredible team for producing such an extraordinary publication. Of course, Spencer Magazine would not exist if not for the commitment of our CEO, Therasa McLennan. Her boundless creativity and energy contribute to the success of Spencer. On a personal note, it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to work alongside Therasa (Terry!) as we have been partners and best friends for over 35 years.

Although my career includes working in the film and television industry, I must admit that there is nothing like holding a great magazine in your hands… the intoxicating scent of flipping through those freshly printed pages. And I invite you to enjoy the same experience. We can’t wait for the first issue to hit the newsstands around the world. Spencer Magazine in print will be available as the “Spring/Summer 2020” issue.

In the first issue of Spencer Magazine, we’ll take you on a journey of discovery, and we promise that we will never be predictable! Our editorial focus is on family and lifestyle, celebrating life in Arts & Culture, Entertainment, Fashion and so much more!

Although we are based in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we have an international reach and our content will always reflect this. Our intention is to excite you, inspire you and motivate you to accept new challenges and adventures, whether you are 12 years old or 90!

From our family to yours…

Joseph Edward Schur

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

*Cover Photo Credit: Jonathan Levy, JGUCCIENT

“With a unique mandate to promote Arts & Culture, Entertainment, Fashion and more, SPENCER is a family lifestyle magazine that bonds our diverse cultures and relays important global issues. Published quarterly as a glossy, coffee table magazine,
Spencer doesn’t simply give you a look behind the scenes, it also shares accounts of dreamers who achieved success.”

Newsstand Price: $14.95 per issue   |   Subscription Price: $49.00 per year (4 issues + Bonus Issues) subscribe@spencermag.com

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Therasa McLennan, Chief Executive Officer – terry.mclennan@spencermag.com

Joseph Edward Schur, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief joseph.schur@spencermag.com

Rose Marie Bresolin, Managing Editor – rose.bresolin@spencermag.com

Marcia Reid, Social Media Director – marcia.reid@spencermag.com

Jonathan Levy, Photography Director – jonathan.levy@spencermag.com

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