A Message from our Publisher and Editor-in-Chief: Joseph Edward Schur

2020: On the precipice of change

By Joseph Edward Schur

Joseph Edward Schur

We’re all in a battle of survival. One day, future generations will look upon this crisis with either admiration on the way we tackled this invisible menace or hold us, forever, in contempt. We have the opportunity, nay, the obligation to tear down the walls isolating us; perhaps not physically, but spiritually. We must face the challenges, both health wise and economically, which will lead to recovery sooner than later. It’s up to us.

With war (which this is!) comes heroes. I’m encouraged by the unselfish acts of the people around me. For example, my friend Chef Jagger Gordon who is working around the clock preparing meals to be delivered to Seniors and Toronto’s at-risk communities. And companies like Spirit of York, halting production of their (incredible!) gin and vodka to manufacture hand sanitizers. Their reward? Knowing that they are contributing solutions for battling this pandemic. We’re all in this together.

This war could last for a long time. Again, the enemy is invisible. Who knows? There’s so much misinformation that’s being distributed. We must remain positive. And as the meme suggests, we all need to make sacrifices, like self-isolation. Flatten the curve. It’s your duty as a responsible human being.

As the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of our magazine, I refuse to allow Covid-19 to knock down the spirit of Spencer. We’ll soldier on, for however long it takes, to get though this crisis. We’re committed. We’re determined. And we’re excited for what the future holds.

From our Spencer family to yours…

Joseph Edward Schur

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

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