10 More Episodes!

Supernatural horror-drama The Order instantly amassed a legion of loyal fans when it landed on Netflix earlier this year.

Dennis Heaton: Creator, Writer, Executive Producer

The show, created by Dennis Heaton and Shelley Eriksen, revolves around a secret society called the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, squirrelled away on a university campus (or college, for those of you across the pond).

One of the students, Jack Morton, is on a mission to avenge his mother’s death and joins said society, which opens up “a world of magic, monsters and intrigue”.

He also unearths some pretty dark secrets about his own family along the way as he attempts to navigate the “underground battle between werewolves and the magical dark arts”.

Shelley Eriksen: Creator, Writer, Executive Producer

And it’s good news, Order fans. Netflix has officially confirmed that the show will be returning for a second season. Given how the season finale panned out, with both Jack’s mind (and those of the werewolves) being completely wiped, we can all agree more is definitely needed.

The Order season 2 air date: When will it air?

When the renewal was announced, one detail we weren’t given was an official release date. But we were told that production was to begin this summer in Vancouver, and the second chapter would hit screens at some point during 2020.

The Order season 2 cast: Who’s in it?

We’d expect Jack (Jake Manley) and Alyssa (Sarah Grey) to both be back for season two as the show leads, given that there’s still a lot left to explore within their relationship.

When the season two announcement was made, Manley took to Instagram to share the following message: “Thank you to everyone that watched – we’re bringing you more!!”

Speaking to TV Goodness about casting the pair, Heaton said: “Jake was one of those big casting nets being thrown out to LA, Vancouver, and Toronto, and we really just went through everybody we could find until we found the perfect Alyssa and Jack, and from there the casting fell into place.”

He added: “Katharine Isabelle (Vera Stone) is great. I loved her in Hannibal. I don’t think [Ginger Snaps] was in my mind when I cast her, and then [I remembered], and thought, ‘This is good!'”

In the final moments of episode nine, Jack’s grandfather Peter (Matt Frewer) was killed by Jack’s estranged father Edward (Max Martini), so that seemingly rules him out.

And it sounds like Frewer is going to be sorely missed by the drama’s leading man.

“Oh man, he is just such a fun guy to work with,” he told ONTVtoday. “Like he would catch me off guard so many times. And even as entrenched in a scene as I was, sometimes he would throw in a line at the end or do something and I would just burst out laughing and there was no stopping it.

“And even in between takes, he’s just such a funny guy, like I don’t think I’ve ever laughed that much in so long, so it was a pleasure for sure.”

Edward is also supposedly no more after being absorbed by the Vade Mecum.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t see either of them again. This is a show that deals with the supernatural, after all, so anything is possible.

The Order season 2 episodes: How many will there be?

Netflix also confirmed that the show’s second season will follow the first and deliver 10 more episodes for fans to dive into.